Family Writings

Painting by Khara Scott-Bey

Big Topics at Midnight was written on a strong foundation, much of which was laid by others.  Sources include books I’ve read, reread and cherished, family genes and habits, Mom’s genealogical research, Grandmother Ann Mathys’s dance book Grandmother Ruth Tipps’s storytelling notebook, family letters and so much more.

I can’t really put a family habit on a website, and other authors’ books are theirs to share, but I am thrilled to give you a peek at some of the family writings that have supported Big Topics at Midnight.

Tipps Family History, Introduction

Ann Cahoon’s Dance Record Book

Ruth Owen Tipps, Storyteller

Leaving Lubbock

Robert N. Tipps Remembers

Photo Given Across the Generations

Sue Tipps Mathys (1926-1986)