About Me

NancyI'm Nancy Ann Mathys Thurston—a woman who dives right into the middle of topics my father told me to avoid—money, race, religion, gender and politics.

Not interested in locking horns or intellectual analysis, I want partners who seek root level movement—starting personal and moving global. Sharing personal story and experience within diverse groups can shift assumptions and misinformation—the things that keep us separated—in order for us to move forward equitably, together.

Since shared story and experience are key, here are a few details about me:

White. Wealthy. Woman. Heterosexual. Spiritual Revolutionary working for root level personal and societal transformation. Colleague in play and work at the intersection of faith, social justice and big topics like class, race and gender.

How about you?

Similar to me or different? Either way, when we come together, our partnership can bring understanding and transformation.

Big Topics at Midnight: A Texas Girl Wakes Up to Race, Class, Gender and Herself is my story of waking up to myself and to the big topics that too often divide us. After you read about my story, maybe you can catch a deeper glimpse of your own.

Though I began my career as a physical therapist, my fascination with human movement quickly expanded to an exploration of the movement to align Spirit, Big Topics and behavior. Most of my education happened outside the university and beyond the walls of my local church. Letting my playful imagination guide the way, I came up with creative statement of The Education of Nancy Ann Mathys Thurston. For those who prefer a bit more traditional CV, this is as close as I could come.

Nancy has bravely and humbly taken the hardest step—she has committed to integrating all of herself. Most of us make exceptions and exclusions, or we engage in a little denial. Nancy resolutely refuses and, in so doing, raises the bar (in a very good way!!) for all of us.
-Leslie Christian, CFA, Investment Advisor, Co-founder of Upstream 21