Symbols and Words

My movement from awakening to engagement is held in the alchemical mix of Spirit, Money and our global human family in a way that is distinctly feminine (within women and men).

Words only go so far. The three symbols on my business card represent three primary facets of my transformative journey from awakening to engagement.

Spiral: Living in Spirit

We are all part of something much greater than ourselves, a sacred cosmic spiral that delights when we each live in the fullness that was our birthright. Unfolding, reaching ever outward, while remaining grounded in the experience of being alive in our multi-hued skin and on this exquisite Earth.

Moon: Economic Justice from the Feminine Heart

Like the moon, the light of life is reflected by each of us and all of creation, even money. The woman in the moon promises to be a welcome guide in the dark if we are audacious enough to believe that engaging with money, a key player in injustice and oppression, can be a doorway to spiritual transformation.

Diversity of humanity: Expanding our family

We have to wake up to notice the ways we have believed the lie that our differences are to be feared rather than a natural part of life. Faces uplifted to the cosmos, we work together in partnership while holding our uniqueness.

All three together:

What symbols and words would you use to describe your Big Topic work?

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