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Waking Up. To the Big Topics. And Myself.
It’s an important journey for each of us in our movement
toward engaging and thriving in our diverse world.

Donations from the sale of each book will be made to Wisdom & Money, Be Present, Inc., and Alease Bess Ministries. Book cover

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You can order Big Topics at Midnight at Amazon. On a new book, Amazon pays the author less than any other bookstore ($9 for a $20 book, compared to $12 for a bookstore). And no money is paid to the author for a used book. Since proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to the work of these three organizations, if it’s possible, please purchase from me. And if you can’t afford the full price, contact me.


Big Topics at Midnight is available as an eBook from Kobo or Amazon.

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Soon you can go outside and play with Big Topics.

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