This is a letter to my future granddaughter,
who will be born generations after me.1

Dear Grace,

It will be years before you walk on this planet Earth, but the same stardust and DNA swirls through our bodies. You were the last thing on my mind when I began to write this book. Then one day you introduced yourself as my granddaughter from seven generations in the future and, as if your life depended on it, encouraged me to keep diving deeper.

It’s hard to know how to speak in ways you will understand a few hundred years from now. Just as when I read Biblical texts written two thousand years ago, when you read my words, things will be different. What I can say for certain is that I wrote from the truest place I knew and hope that my words will translate across time and space.

This journey has been full of Graces and grace. One Grace was a slave of our ancestors, Jacob and Margaret Tipps, seven generations before me. I don’t know the details of her life, but I discovered that living on a small plantation in the eighteen hundreds, she likely experienced brutality. Yet this Grace reached out to me and showed me that life is much bigger than I’d ever imagined. She refused to let me drift off to sleep again. You, young Grace, were right by her side.

My generation carries the responsibility to live our lives in such a way that yours is left with possibilities rather than the remains of today’s physical and spiritual toxins. I don’t want you to be born onto a planet split apart between those who have access to money and power and those who don’t. I don’t want you to struggle against a patriarchal undertow to find your own voice. I don’t want you to have to live among people who believe that the color of one’s skin is an indicator of value. Instead, I long for you to be the person you were created to be, living in communities with others embodying their own fullness.

This book is my gift to further that end.

Walking on this Earth between Grace and Grace, I am Nancy Ann Mathys Thurston. In Hebrew, both Nancy and Ann mean grace. In a world filled with grace and Grace, anything is possible. I pray that my story will be intertwined with the stories of many, forming a web strong enough to beautifully support generations yet unborn.

Thanks be to God.

1 This is found on page 354 of Big Topics at Midnight
Drawing by Khara Scott-Bey from Big Topics at Midnight