From Awake to Engagement: What Movement Includes for Me

I’m forever grateful for the gift of Waking Up to the fullness of myself and the beautiful diversity of the world around me. But what’s next? How can we support the movement from waking up to engaging fully with life, love and justice?

We each have our unique journey of transformation.

For me, I continue on this journey doing the things I love. I am a Big Topic visionary, a writer, one who stands in the gap with others, and a conversational catalyst for those topics we so need to open in our world today. I am an explorer, willing to use those “normal” status quo ways of doing things when they make sense and are just, and to experiment boldly with new ways when the old is too wimpy to serve us all. Though it scares me to claim it, I am a risk taker willing to step out respectfully and consciously to stay in the justice and love that has claimed my heart.

But I’m not doing this by all by myself.

Be Present friends

As soon as I woke up to the reality of myself and the world around me, I was relentless in my search for others who were also seeking to find alignment with their values and their behavior in service of us all. My engagement with transformational Big Topic work was nurtured not only in solitude and words on the page, it is also embodied in the middle of two organizations dear to my heart—Be Present, Inc. (Chair of the Board’s Vision-Based, Social Change Fund Development team) and Wisdom & Money (Board Chair).

Walking this journey from waking up to engaging with all we see inside ourselves and in the world around us is the topic of most of this website. It’s a big transformative journey. Dive in.

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