Time to Wake Up

Are you someone who wants to engage the big topics of our time?
If so, this is the book—and the conversation—for you.

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Midnight is Near
The hour is late, the issues vital.
The world needs people who can see in the dark.

It's Time to Wake Up
Living in our own little worlds,
asleep and unaware, has grave consequences.

There are Big Conversations to be Had
No one can address big topics
like race, class, and gender alone.
Join the conversation and be part of
the transformation of our world.

I am Nancy Thurston, one woman aware that her history informs her present and that wide-awake relationships are essential. On these pages and in my book, I've shared my pilgrimage. I hope it supports your journey as we move forward together. Welcome.

Nautilus Book Awards Winner      Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner