Family Writings

Ann Cahoon's Dance Record Book

"Little Man in a Fix" circa 1916

When I listened for Ann Cahoon, my paternal grandmother, to “speak” while I wrote Big Topics at Midnight, I had her Record Book at my side.  I am not sure if this was for her master’s degree or for one of the two years she taught in the university.  The pages are filled with a step-by-step description of dance after dance, from “Aug. 8 Senior Technique w. chair” to “One step,” all recorded in her lilting handwriting.  Page forty-eight and forty-nine were filled with a description of the Danish dance “Little Man in a Fix.”  I wish I had a video of her dancing, but the best I could do was a YouTube video of this dance that starts out calm but gets a bit wild in the middle.  I imagine her delighted that I (and now you) are enjoying watching this dance.


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