Big Conversations

Our hearts and minds hold big topics, sometimes ones we've never dared to discuss.

But we don't have to be Atlas and bear the world alone.  We can take these topics off our shoulders and hold them together, sometimes adding levity to something especially heavy, and bouncing it around like a beach ball.

If you are seeking partners on this uncharted journey from the crumbling and too often unjust structures of today, there are several ways to proceed into a more equitable world.

Read Big Topics at Midnight. Better yet, have some good friends read it too, and share what it stirs in you.

Check out the Big Topic Playbook Dive in and play with aspects of your own awakening.

Invite Nancy to host an Event. Big Topics is a dish best served for a group, family style. It could take several forms: book reading, workshop or group conversation.

Book readings can be focused around many different topics such as Wake Up Calls, Listening to the Past to Find your Way Forward or Living Justly and Soulfully in A Deeply Divided World. For more ideas, check out past Book Events titles.

Alternatively, host a Big Conversations Over Tea with friends to share simple nourishment and hearty conversation. Learn more about hosting ones of these events in your hometown.

Contact me to discuss other ideas.