Big Topics Playbook

Sometimes you need a private dive in to the big topics. The Big Topics Playbook is at your service for these very times.

Readers often tell me that Big Topics at Midnight stirs the pot of their own memories and longings—awakenings they've experienced, ancestors they've wanted to know more about, or habits, patterns and assumptions they've wanted to explore.

It can be hard to be all stirred up with no placed to go, so I'm building this Playbook as a container for you—a place to hold your thoughts, reflections, questions and discoveries.  A place for you to play, which means you don't have to worry about doing it "right."

In time I'll have a simple book full of activities and explorations for you. In the meantime, I'll add new sections of the playbook below soon as they're ready.

When diving, first follow your own imagination and curiosity.

And, above all, enjoy the swim!

Remember & Reimagine

Family Tree
Looking Back at Your Life
Life as Myth: Do You have Eight Eyes or Two Webbed Feet?

Recognize & Redefine

Hectate as Guide