Wisdom & Money Core Practices

This is a description of the core practices adopted and used to support all aspects of the work of Wisdom & Money

Open Conversation About Money

We believe that engaging with money openly in spiritual community can lead to root level transformation at the personal, communal and systemic levels.  The particular money practices we use are:

Wisdom Practices

Our work is informed by practices that flow through Wisdom Christianity.  Our two primary influences in learning about this path are Cynthia Bourgeault and the monks of New Camaldoli Hermitage, especially Father Bruno Barnhart.  The wisdom practices we use include:

The Be Present Empowerment Model ® 
We offer training in and we practice the BPEM because of its ability to open the heart, allowing us to see the spirit in each other outside the impact of our culture’s divisions.  From there, we more easily can build equitable and sustainable partnerships. The realms of this model are:

Creativity and Playfulness
We intentionally incorporate creativity and playfulness into our work as a way of listening beyond the rational mind.  Forms we use include:

Body Wisdom
We make time to pay attention to and care for our body as a way of incorporating the wisdom that flows through the physical body.  For instance, we make time for:

Connection to the Earth
We create opportunities to experience the sacrament of creation by hosting many of our retreats in beautiful natural settings and making time for participants to go for walks or experience the beauty of nature in other ways. 

Engaging in Authentic Community
We believe that an individual seeking spiritual transformation is best supported in that transformation in intimate and enduring spiritual community. In addition to the practices named above, we also practice:

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