A Definitive Guide

Big Topics

  1. Issues, subjects, matters great in dimensions, bulk or impact, not trendy topics, but those at the heart of the injustice. Melatonin in the skin. Bottom line in the bank. Y chromosome in the cells.

At Midnight

  1. The moment between the end of one day and the beginning of a new one.
  2. A dark time when most people need or would like to be sleeping.
  3. A time when it gets quiet enough to consider the Big Topics, or when one wakes up whether or not one wants to, with Big Topics on the mind.
  4. Culturally, midnight marks the moment where the crumbling of the old way meets the unknown—the dawning of a transformed culture or the deepening darkness of environmental and community destruction.
  5. Now.

A Texas Girl

  1. A young woman born and raised in Texas, the 28th state in the union.
  2. Who I tried not to be within a few years of moving away from Texas in my early 20s.
  3. The person I am since I realized I couldn’t run away from my roots.

Wakes Up

  1. Emerges from a state of physical sleep, opens one’s eyes and steps into the day.
  2. Emerges from a state of slumber or a fog of unawareness induced by assumptions, unconsciousness or limited perspective, and sees other ways of being and embraces bigger picture of life.
  3. An action that often leads to more action.

Race, Class, Gender

  1. Three Big Topics that have cut through our globe for generations.
  2. Topics riddled with assumptions, mostly unconscious and often unhealthy, that must be explored to create listening, learning and partnership building.

And Herself

  1. A reflexive form of she.
  2. In this case, Nancy Ann Mathys Thurston, a fiery, hopeful, determined (also see “stubborn”), loyal, curious woman who has learned she must love all of her parts in order to love others (also see “not as simple as it sounds”).

Big Topics at Midnight:
A Texas Girl Wakes Up to Race, Class, Gender and Herself
By Nancy M. Thurston