When Big Topics Came to Town

"Tackling Tough Conversations, Nancy Thurston’s writing workshop, is a great option for libraries looking for a creative non-fiction writing experience for their patrons. Writers of any level can benefit from Nancy’s generative writing prompts and small group opportunities for feedback and sharing. Nancy creates a warm and safe environment for tough topics and for writing about them.

"After spending two hours in this library workshop, the 23 pre-registered adults gave us overwhelmingly positive feedback. They left with seeds of thought for future writing and an enlightened perspective on some of the challenges our society presents to those who are willing to wake up and confront them." –Christy Davis, Library Director, Klamath County Library Service District, February 2014 event

"When you have a woman who is walking on and beyond the edge of a culture that is obsessed with its never-ending needs, you will be challenged in your perception and attitude when she speaks and writes. Nancy Thurston is one of these women who wears her heart on her sleeve as she not only faces up to the questionable experiences of her ancestors but, also, shares and walks beyond anger and shame to transformation.

"Nancy did just that for our annual fundraiser. Her presentation left the participants seeking more understanding and wanting to be more active in finding ways to be involved in creating the global future. It was like a best friend stimulating us to be aligned with Jesus’ teaching on living simply, while remembering that all people are our neighbors." Andrea Arendt, PBVM, Director of Presentation Prayer Center, Fargo ND, October 2013 event

"Nancy Thurston, author and speaker, enhanced our program offerings at Mercy Center Burlingame by joining us for a lively afternoon of discussion last spring. Her new book, Big Topics at Midnight, sparked thoughtful reflections, and forged community among strangers. Her teaching—through her readings, presence and comments—was a delight for all 30 participants, many new to the center, who came because they were intrigued by the subject matter. Nancy is clear, engaging and above all, hospitable and incisive. Though this is challenging material, the memoir approach and Nancy’s style and warmth, were a great invitation for shared comments, learning, and a call to deep interior growth." Suzanne Buckley, Director of Mercy Center, Burlingame, California, April 2013 event