Are you searching for something more satisfying than the status quo?

The Journey after Waking Up

I grew up saluting a country proclaiming freedom for all,
only to discover that “all” never meant everyone.

I grew up in an all-white Texas church,
never understanding that when Jesus said,
“Love your neighbor as yourself,”
he meant everyone, including me,
including my enemies.

I woke up and realized
I was one part of a global family
on one shared Earthly home.

It was enough to send me on a life-long journey
seeking integrity and justice,
within and without.
What an out-of-the-box and labyrinthine journey it has been!

Are you on that journey too?

If so,
come in,
poke around,
see if my “Big Topic” pondering
awakens and enlivens yours.

We are all in this together.

This website follows the same unconventional path as my walk with the Big Topics. It’s spiral rather than linear, conversational rather than lecturing, diving deeply into the weight of the Big Topics while dancing with the light of creativity and play. Here is a SiteMap to help you find your way.